About Bea

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.. Today I am wise, so I choose to transform myself" ~ Inspired by Rumi.



I am the founder of Be&live Yoga and the Fully Awakened Woman, and I help women who feel a great desire to re-connect holistically with themselves and who long to prioritise on their self-care and awaken to their feminine wisdom and the love of Mother Nature.

I provide guidance, inspiration and diverse “Maps" that enable you to Awaken to Yourself. 


I work with women seeking to prioritise on their self-care and their physical and emotional wellbeing, by choosing practices that nourish their body-mind-soul so that they can live more peaceful, balanced and meaningful lives.




With every session I create a nurturing environment ideal to slow down and clear the mind; shifting from thinking to sensing; opening up space for going inwards and just BEING;  rejoicing with the rhythm of our breaths; witnessing our feelings, sensations and emotions; allowing shifts to emerging and listening the magnificent wisdom of our intelligent bodies to heal naturally, restore effortlessly and find great rel-EASE!…


I am here to share with you all these sources of wisdom that I have embodied along the journey and that has been evolving within me from the moment I started my Yoga and “AWAKENING” journey 15 years ago, back in 2004 on 04/04/2004.


Today, this evolution gives rise to “The Fully Awakened Woman”, a community of fully awakened women who are ready to go on a journey to amplify their levels of awareness so that they can listen to their body wisdom, create space and time for wellbeing, to love themselves more and Awaken to themselves.


Sharing the light for Yoga and holding space for Women is what sets my Soul on fire and what makes me live in alignment with my Soul's purpose, so I thank you for being here and allowing me to share with you all these inspiration with you.

From my heart to your's 



>>> H E R E <<< 





 I specialize in developing physical and emotional wellbeing programs, workshops and retreats,  blending the sources of Yoga, meditation and the elements of nature, including Essential Oils, medicinal Cacao elixirs and the guidance of the Moon cycles and the seasons.


My teachings and workshops include a fusion of Restorative Yoga, breathe awareness, slow flow movements and reflection that I have developed over a journey of  15 years of experience and which transform an “ordinary practice” into a Ritual of Self-Love, leaving the body refreshed, energized and deeply nourished, and your heart and  Soul Full.







Yoga is my source of inspiration in developing a sincere and heartfelt relationship with myself, with others, our planet and everything around me. A vehicle to cultivate nourishment, mindfulness and awareness and a way to become centred, grounded, grateful and extremely joyful.

Thanks to my daily Yoga practices I have found strength and courage to know myself better (the “good and not so beautiful” parts of me.. to become aware of old habits and work deeply to transform them (not always being easy or successful…yet).

Yoga, and now Essential Oils,  have given me different tools to re-connect with my true essence; to keep centred and grounded to face every challenge in my life, and to have clarity and confidence in knowing where I am going.  In Yoga I have found the courage to face and overcome any possible obstacles on my journey; the kindness to appreciate, nurture and love myself more than ever; the awareness to care about Mother-Earth, others, and everything around me; and the understanding and compassion to recognise in others the reflection of my own being…


Every time I teach a Yoga class a sensation of fulfilment emerges from the very centre of my being permeating me with a sense of groundedness and belonging, and what I enjoy the most is the sense of connectedness and community by building strong, healthy and happy connections and networks every day.

I feel so blessed to share my passion for Yoga every day with different people from different backgrounds, who seek an opportunity to bring and attain well-being and relaxation to their busy lives. Without a doubt, this is the most rewarding and fulfilling journey I have ever had…



"From the first time I attended a Yoga class in 2004, I knew I had found my passion and mission in this life: sharing with others the benefits of the life-transforming Yoga philosophy " Bea

I started my Yoga training in Mexico under the Anusara Yoga School and a year after I decided to complete an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga training (RYS 200 hours). Parallel to that I completed a Diploma in Chi Kung of the 7 Lotuses (or Qi Gong), helping me cleanse, heal and strengthen my physical and energetic bodies.

In 2009 I completed a RYS 350 hours Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga training honoring the tradition of Sri. T. Krishnamacharya…and it was like “coming back home”… changing completely the way I practise and I teach.

In January 2014 I completed my third Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Australia 200hr) at Agama Yoga Centre, in Melbourne (also under the lineage of Yogacharya T. Krishnamacharya), becoming a fully accredited teacher in this tradition.

Parallel to all my training I have enrolled in different workshops from internationally renowned Donna FarhiLisa Petersen, Simon Borg-Oliver, Leslie Kaminoff, Elena Brower, Parvathi Nath and Gena Kenny over the last years, enriching my repertoire and “style” and also assisting regularly to different studios to practice with incredible and inspiring yogis in Melbourne, Brisbane, Mexico and Hawaii.



 I am very grateful that in this journey I have met beautiful yogis and friends who have given me the opportunity to enrich my personal practice and teachings, and from whom I found vital sources of inspiration.

My special gratitude goes to:

Sandy Cuneo Yoga in Brisbane where I currently teach in Brisbane in one of the best Yoga studios in the Bay Side area

Ohana Yoga and my beautiful yogi-friends Gena Kenny, Jennifer Crescenzo and Chelsea Watson for their nurturing and heartfelt approach, and all the Ohana community

Barbara Brian and Kelly Davies from Agama Yoga Centre, and Kelly's Angels: Rachel, Georgie, Shelley and Devon

Jenny Morrison-Jack and my friend Sidsel Henriksen from ihana Yoga, based on the principles of Calligraphy Yoga

Phoebe Dougall and Lucy Comarck from Time for Yoga

Deepa Ebeli  from Breathing Space Yoga

My dear friend Joanna Lim from The Health Studio

Amanda and Dan McLean from Elevate Yoga

Jessica Jacobi from Yoga Dance Moves

Hugh Lee and Leslie Fox from Breath of Heart

Patricia Algeri from Beach Yoga in Bayside

Amanda Roberts from Return to Source Wellbeing

Bernarndo Kushala from Purno Ham Mexico

Rosmari Atri e Ivana Sejenovich from Lunanada Yoga Mexico

Renown Anusara teacher Ann Moxey  who was my first mentor and source of light and inspiration through Siddha Yoga Dham, Mexico City



 If you would like to keep expanding this network of Yoga, love and light, lets connect! -Contact me here.

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