"Be&live Yoga sessions and practices are based on the guiding principles of Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga and Vinyasa Krama, honoring the tradition of Yoga."


All my classes are based on a holistic approach ideal for balancing the Body-Breath-Mind.

I teach a very unique fusion of Restorative Yoga, breathe awareness and slow flow that I have developed over a journey of  15 years of experience.

By combining a dynamic yet gentle approach, I blend body and breath awareness with physical poses (asanas), visualisations and relaxation techniques, through slow and nourishing sequences.

These classes are aimed at progressively building up different asana poses while synchronizing breath and movement through gentle series known as vinyasas (Vinyasa means: “the art of unifying movement and breath").

This is an effective and unique approach suitable for all ages and levels of experience, enabling students to feel grounded, relaxed and connected through the ancient healing art of Yoga.

All my practices are tailored to each person according to their body and specific physical needs. Ideal for preventing and addressing injuries. Therefore modifications and variations can be given to each person, honouring their own process and rhythm and always aiming at cultivating nourishment and general wellbeing.


My "Style"

Sometimes people ask me what “type” of Yoga I practise..

My teachings are a fusion emerging from my training in the Krishnamacharya lineage, through the guidance of internationally renowned teachers Anne Moxey (from Anusara Yoga), Donna Farhi and Lisa Petersen, Orit Sen-Gupta (from Vijñana Yoga), Rosmary Atri and Ivana Sejenovich (from Lunanada Yoga Mexico), Barbara Brian and Kelly Davis (from Agama Yoga Centre in Melbourne); and using the basic principles of the somatic educational system from the Feldenkrais Method.

For me Yoga is not about “styles”, “forms” or “types” but a way to explore and become aware of our Breath-Mind- Body connection. A journey of self-explrotation through movement.

You could say that my “style” is a mix and “mesh” of explorations based on a slow flow vinyasa, integrating basic principles of alignment, developing body and breath awareness,  always being my main focus cultivating nourishment, fluidity and stillness within.

For me there is no Yoga if there is no breath awareness connection.

"Master your breath, let the self be in bliss, contemplate on the sublime within you"...

~Sri. T. Krishnamacharya

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Reviews & Testimonials


People often describe my practices as:

“Well-balanced slow-flow, gentle yet re-energising practice, focused on proper alignment and enhacing breathing and general body awareness" ~Anne from Elevate Yoga

"A practice with a perfect balance between strength and challenge mixed with sweetness, nourishment and body awareness..." ~Marike from Ohana Yoga.

"Very refreshing and uplifting without draining the body and cultivating a deep sense of stillness and profound calmness…" Aleks from a private tuition.

"I love how you teach. I find I don't want to miss your words of wisdom and you have a lovely way about you..It is a joy for me to do your class. I bliss in Samadhi very quickly and find I have to bring myself back to the present continually... " ~Fiona, from Early Bird Yoga in the Park.

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