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Essential oils assist us in balancing our body, mind and spirit, helping us to recognise the beautiful peace that surrounds and supports us in each moment if we will take the time to “smell the roses” ~Unknown

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Essential Oils have been used for therapeutic and spiritual purposes for thousands of years. From the beginning of time the use of essential oils have been recorded and recognised in the Egyptian culture, Mesopotamia, India and China, as one of the most effective medicine known to mankind.

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Using aromatherapy essential oils to complement yoga practices has been going on for centuries. Ancient yogis used Sandalwood and other oils to enhance their brain’s ability to focus for long stretches of meditation, and nowadays it has been re-discovered by so many of us modern yogis.

By combining oils and Yoga we bring the two disciplines together to heighten the impact for all practitioners, and immersing ourselves in the present moment with each drop of oil we inhale.


"The mind lives in the past and the future; the oils bring you back to the present". ~Jeri McDowell (Yoga instructor)

My journey with Essential Oils

When I was first introduced to essential oils I didn’t realise how much I would love them and how much I would be using them...

They have boosted my immune and digestive system and they have helped me to reduce stress levels as well as improving my sleep and mood. I even cook with them delicious and nutritional recipes.

I have also introduced them to my daily Yoga practice and teachings, creating a unique style I call Aroma-Flow, blending the benefits of restorative Yoga and essential oils.

I have received extraordinary feedback in the way they help my students (and myself) to become more present, centred and grounded, enhancing our breathing capacity, concentration and focus, while effectively calming and relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system. What a great source to access deep restoration and relaxation with the powerful benefits of these gifts of the Earth.

I began my journey with essential oils in my need to experience a more natural way to heal, nurture and honour my body after recurrent physical and health issues and after a reflux surgery. They helped me enormously in my process of recovery and in taking time for myself to heal more naturally.  

Now, they have an essential place in my daily living. I use them at home –for cleaning purposes reducing toxicity levels-, for cooking, in my Yoga practices, with my adorable cat, and everywhere I go.

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At the moment I am hosting Essential Oils classes and Aroma-Flow workshops in different venues.. Just let me know where you are and the oils can go straight to you.

I am happy managing a more personalised class on a one-on-one experience or organising group classes, so I can share the oily love with your friends and family.

Don’t hesitate to connect with me to organise a class if you are interested to learn more about:

  • What are essential oils and its benefits
  • Uses and applications including:

-Health and wellbeing,

-Healthy and nutritional recipes,

-Aromatherapy and relaxation tips

-Beauty techniques

-Household cleaning and more surprises…

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I would love to share with you effective ways of using (CPTG) Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to bring your Yoga practice to the next level and to empower you to safeguard and boost your health and the health of the ones you love the most.

If you are interested in transforming  your lifestyle for a more natural one by using Essential Oils, feel free to connect with me so I can give you a free demonstration class.


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A clinical approach to essential oil application ...


I am a fully trained AromaTouch® Technique practitioner and Massage Therapist

The AromaTouch Technique  is a therapeutic method using essential oils applied along the spine. It produces a profound whole-body wellness experience aimed at balancing, soothing and relaxing the Autonomic Nervous System and regaining Homeostasis in the body.

It is not massage but a therapeutic aromatherapy experience that works very well for people with chronic pain and immune conditions.

This involves the use of essential plant oils blended specifically in a carrier oil and gently rubbed  into the skin. Our sense of smell is directly related to our emotions, and emotions have a tremendous effect on our well-being.

Aromatouch Technique is a tool by which the body recovers its own healing abilities through the powerful healing aspect of gentle touching and aroma, combined with the therapeutic effects of the properties of the oils.

If you would like to know more about this technique either for your own wellbeing or if you are interested in becoming a practitioner and helping others to boost their health, check these videos:

or contact me here.

Please let me know if you have any questions, it would be an honour sharing with you and your family the beautiful benefits of this empowering natural lifestyle.

Happy breathing! Happy healing!




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