Prenatal + Mums & Bubs Yoga

"Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom."  ~Harriette Hartigan

Mothering the mother-to-be

A gentle, slow and nurturing approach to positively assist all expectant mothers to remain calm, focused and strong during all the stages of pregnancy, labour and beyond.

Through the exploration of physical poses, breathing exercises, vocal toning and meditation you will discover a fascinating way to harmonise the Body-Breath-Mind, developing a sense of contentment and wholeness whilst deepening the bonding with your baby.

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Why Yoga during Pregnancy and Motherhood?

Yoga is a grounding and expansive practice during pregnancy and motherhood.

When practised with regularity it can help in keeping your pregnant body healthy and strong, calming your mind, remaining focused and re-connecting with your inner wisdom and strength in preparation for your baby's upcoming birth, so you can have a fulfilling and connected birth experience.

Prenatal or Antenatal Yoga classes are designed to empower you in your pregnancy journey so you can embrace the divine and miraculous process of pregnancy and motherhood with awareness, confidence and joy.

These classes provide you with a safe space for self-reflection, nourishment and inspiration, letting go the stress sometimes associated with your process, helping you to remain calm and focus, while deepening the bonding with your baby.

The perfect gift from You to You: Mothering the mother-to-be!


Mums & Bubs Yoga

Creating a supportive and nurturing environment for you and your baby.

Providing a therapeutic approach to re-connect with your body and breath, while taking a moment to slow down, relax and regain the strength that your body and mind need in your motherhood journey.

These classes are ideal to find a space where you can regain your ability of “being present” in your body, centred and focused while finding a moment of peace and ease in your day.

Mums&Bubs Yoga classes offer you an opportunity to connect with other mums while finding a nurturing space to letting go of your duties and coming back to your body,  learning how to remain grounded, focused and keeping a positive and nourishing outlook during your motherhood journey.

Because you deserve time for You to be nourished!




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“I started pregnancy yoga with Time for Yoga in my 8th week of pregnancy and continued with them till the very last week of my pregnancy.

I had done Yoga with Beatriz prior to falling pregnant and found her extremely relaxing to work with, so was happy to hear that she would be taking the pregnancy yoga classes.

Even though the classes had girls at different stages of pregnancy, Beatriz made a conscious effort to ensure that each of us were comfortable and got the most of the hour and half.

Asanas were adjusted to ensure that all of us and our babies were safe at all times.

No two classes were ever the same - Beatriz always ensured that each class was another step forward towards connecting with our babies.

Having worked a very long day, these classes really helped me dedicate a solid hour and a half to talk to and connect with my baby. I felt like I was bonding and cuddling with my baby long before she was in my arms.

Though I chose to have an elective Caesarean for personal reasons, there was plenty of pelvic strengthening incorporated in it for post pregnancy recovery. I can't wait to get back on the mat now. And if I were to ever have a second child I'd definitely tap on Beatriz' door to take these classes again!”

~ Avanti from Time for Yoga, Melbourne.

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