Yoga @ Work

“A healthy work environment benefits employees and employers.

Improving health and wellbeing can increase employee job satisfaction and engagement.

It has also been shown to improve productivity, reduce sick leave and increase employee retention”

~ Healthy Together Victoria – Achievement Program for workplaces

Be&live Yoga provides a range of Yoga and meditation sessions on site at your workplace through tailored Corporate Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Programs.

All programs are carefully catered to suit your business core values, and take into account any specific physical needs your employees may have (such as an injury), while promoting a happy, healthy and united spirit within your organisation.

  • If you would like to reduce stress levels in your organisation, boosting work performance and presentism…
  • If you would like to promote wellness and transform your workplace in to a healthier work environment…
  • If you would like to offer your staff members the benefits of recovering their ability to relax and recharge, while effectively managing work-life balance and promoting mental and physical health and wellbeing..

Then these programs are for YOU!

Program Duration:  5, 8,12 week programs.

All classes are based on a personalised aproach from 5 to 15 participants.


Class type



Early Bird

from 6:00 am

60 min. practice

Perfect way to start the day refreshed, focused and energised


Lunch time

from 12:00 pm

45 min. practice

Ideal to take a break to stretch and regain focus and concentration

After work

from 4:00 pm

60 to 75 min practice

To let go of the day, reducing stress and regaining calmness and relaxation (profound relaxation provided at the end of the session)


*Note: A quiet space such as a conference/meeting room is the perfect location as long as the tables and chairs can be moved aside for the class.

For more information about times and investment fees, and how I can tailor these programs to your business, please contact me here..




Choose the type of practice according to specific goals, level and energy of the group.

 Type of sessions

  • Dynamic flow: to build flexibility, strength and stamina. Aimed at boosting energy and vitality. (Medium to high impact class)
  • Restorative flow: cater for all abilities and ages, ideal for experiencing deep relaxation and restoration (Gentle, slow and calming.  Low impact sessions)
  • Flow and Meditation: any type + guided meditations 

Or let me know what would it be your ideal session, in terms of objective, time and duration so I can tailor it according to your business needs.


 A consistent Yoga practice helps to improve physical and mental health while easing much of the discomfort associated with work-related stress signs such as: burnout, fatigue, lower back and neck stiffness and pain, carpal tunnel, headaches, poor health and depletion

  • Transform the workplace on a healthier work environment, enhancing employee health and productivity ~based on the Healthy Together Victoria initiative.
  • Improve corporate image and productivity while reducing health-related costs
  • Enhance work performance, staff retention and attraction
  • Increase morale and efficiency
  • Reduce levels of stress and anxiety
  • Transform tension and fatigue to alertness, stamina and productivity
  • Healthy,happy and more productive employees
  • Less stress in the workplace which leads to increasing productivity morale and presentism
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Yoga @ Work

"I am amazed at how I can feel energised and revitalised after a yoga class, while at the same time having a sense of calmness and peace. The sequences are easy to follow and seem effortless, however, to my surprise my muscles are always sore over the next few days. A true sign of a good workout - I am officially a yoga convert!"

(A.J ~ BMW Group)

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"It was a very powerful experience for me and your presence made it even more special. Your energy represents to me as an inspiration of strength, balance, gentleness and beauty!! And your Voice!!! OMG so powerful. I would love so much to connect with you in Melbourne."

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"I found the program particularly useful in regards to being able to relax my body and mind - as I am a thinker and do suffer from anxiety. It felt good to be able to shut my brain off for at least an hour."

(M.S ~ Computershare)

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"I look forward to hump day, knowing we would release our tensions, slow down, ground ourselves, and refocus. It’s been a brilliant initiative, I’d say the best idea to come from the health and wellbeing group J thanks HR and H&W."

(M.G ~ BMW Financial Services)